Fast-track planning has been approved by An Bord Pleanála for the €74M East Wall Road residential scheme.

An Bord Pleanála has given the go-ahead for the East Wall Residential Scheme situated on the corner of East Wall Road and Merchants Road within Dublin’s Docklands Innovation Park. This PRS development accepted under-track planning will create 336 new residential units within the city across a total of 6 blocks ranging between 5-10 storeys. The East Wall Residential will provide a wide range of amenities including childcare facilities, café/restaurant unit, commercial offices and rooftop terrace space. With an aim to promote open public areas, this impressive development will dedicate over 20% of the 1.45-hectare site a combination of communal spaces, dedicated green areas, bicycle storage with a capacity of 440 bikes and car parking with 195 spaces available for future East Wall Road residents.

In addition to providing services as an M&E consultant, IN2 was pleased to carry out a Wind Impact Assessment though a separate appointment.

Wind Analysis

Wind analysis is undertaken to predict pressures and velocities for varying wind directions. A comfort criterion (Lawson) is then utilised which essentially accounts for the probability of wind direction (i.e. wind effects from prevailing SW direction have most influence) to predict pedestrian comfort in terms of areas being suitable for sitting/ standing etc. for amenity spaces including courtyards and balconies.

Initial CFD simulations for the East Wall Road development predicted some pedestrian discomfort in an area of the landscaped plaza, although discomfort was determined to be slight, wind effects were indicated to occur in a proposed seating area where analysis indicated comfort levels suitable for standing but not sitting. As a result, IN2 suggested the introduction of a canopy feature to deflect wind from the seating area at ground level. The suggested canopy and increased tree foliage in the surrounding area were predicted to work in unison to provide sheltered protection.

Concern surrounding wind exposure at penthouse level balconies was also raised after a detailed analysis by the IN2 Environmental & Sustainability team. As a result in these findings, the height of balcony parapets was heightened to mitigate wind effects and ensure amenity usage for residents.

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