To all of our Clients and Business Partners:

Following recent concerns regarding the Covid-19 virus, IN2 would like to reassure you that we have put policies and guidelines in place to enable business to continue as normal.

These measures ensure our teams safety whilst continuing to complete their work to the highest possible standard, some of which are highlighted below…

▪︎ We are limiting external ‘face to face’ and group meetings. We have video conference and remote communication software like Microsoft Teams available as a viable and virtual equivalent to attending meetings.

▪︎ For the interim, site inspections and surveys will continue as long as the engineers can carry out their work without having to come into close contact with other people. Site visits will be kept under review and take direction from the health & safety specialist on the sites.

▪︎ Plans are in place to facilitate team members working remotely. This includes full network access and mobile communication solutions for all members of staff. We will be guided on the timing of this stage by following official government guidelines and recommendations.

For further information, please refer to the full policy document (attached) or contact your local IN2 office.