IN2 develop innovative sustainable engineering solutions within the Built Environment. Low energy projects are delivered from conceptual design through to building handover and beyond, across a range of building sectors. Integral in our approach is combining specialist expertise in innovative passive design, sustainability and building simulation techniques.
In addition, IN2 offer LEED and BREEAM assessment through our in-house LEED AP and BREEAM Assessors.

LEED is an internationally recognised Environmental Assessment Method that would be implemented to ensure that an appropriate sustainability standard can be obtained for a new construction.
IN2 use LEED as a methodology for projects in Ireland, for the following reasons:

  • LEED allows for localisation of project through the use of Regional Priority Credits.
  • LEED assesses performance against recognised Best Practice Guidelines or Local Regulations (whichever are more stringent.
  • LEED assessments relate to specific building types (i.e. New Construction and Major Renovations, Core and Shell Developments, Retail, Data Centres, Healthcare, etc.)
  • LEED assessments can involve the engagement an approved Accredited Professional to oversee and co-ordinate the Design Team, thus ensuring a focal point responsible for ensuring delivery of certification
  • Many sustainability issues associated with Irish Environment are commonplace with other first world countries.


  • BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is a voluntary method for reviewing and quantifying the environmental performance of a building by providing it with a credible, internationally recognisable, environmental rating.
  • BREEAM provides clients, developers, designers and others with:
  • market recognition for low environmental impact buildings
  • assurance that best environmental practice is incorporated into a building
  • inspiration to find innovative solutions that minimise the environmental impact
  • a benchmark that is higher than regulation
  • a tool to help reduce running costs, improve working and living environments
  • a standard that demonstrates progress towards corporate and organisational environmental objectives


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