We are delighted to see the recent completion of the Lidl North Quarter Project

This mixed-use scheme involved the development of a 16,500m2 Lidl supermarket with accompanying office space and customer car park alongside a separate new build 361-bedroom student accommodation. Located a short distance from Dublin City University the student accommodation encompasses two blocks ranging from 5 – 6 storeys with a 10-storey landmark corner on the junction of Ballymun Road & Balbutcher Lane. The completed accommodation offers future students a variety of facilities including a gym, cafĂ©, cinema, study areas and management suite.

Our Services 

Our IN2 Athlone team were responsible for Mechanical and Electrical engineering design across the North Quarter project.

At the Lidl Student Accommodation IN2 implemented a district heating system incorporating combined heat and power unit and local heat interface units. Across blocks 1 & 2 our electrical engineers looked to provide a sustainable, cost-effective and tasteful lighting solution. The completed student accommodation caters for various lighting applications from bedrooms to the cinema, games rooms, gym and rooftop communal area. IN2 designed the lighting to allow for a user-friendly and amendable system.

The Lidl Supermarket building at block 3 involved the installation of mechanically ventilated sales floor area comprising of exposed ductwork installations along with condensing gas boilers for heating water and Air conditioning units heating and cooling offices and meeting spaces. IN2 also provided suspended LED track lighting to Sales Floor and Warehouse areas of the store along with fire alarm, emergency lighting and security services. External LED lighting was also provided to the car park and landscaped amenity areas.

It’s great to have worked alongside a fantastic team in bringing this exciting development to Ballymun!