EPIC Ireland


Client: Epic Ireland
Architect: Darmody Architects
Value: €10m

EPIC Ireland is the new state of the art visitor experience that showcases the unique journey of the Irish nation, where stories of old are told through the technology of now. EPIC Ireland spreads itself across 21 galleries of vibrant Irish life, as it illuminates the story of Ireland’s communities overseas. IN2 were responsible for the environmental analysis of the vaults, the lighting simulation design and the design for the heating solution for the exhibition, café, restaurants and retail areas of the project. The installations involve utilising existing formed concrete ducts at ceiling level above Basement area. The horizontal concrete ducts connect to the occupied Vault spaces by a number of circular vertical shafts, termed “lenses”, for which it is proposed to install supply air diffusers and extract grilles.

Specialist Expertise

Airflow Simulation
Dynamic Thermal Modelling


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