Client: SAP
Architect: Bucholz McEvoy
Value: €14m

Naturally Ventilated call-centre building. The building is made up of 2 No. three-storey accommodation blocks arranged in parallel formation (15m width), enclosing a central atrium space.
The atrium space provides a dual environmental function, providing both daylighting and natural ventilation. Natural light is diffused downwards, enabling daylight into the perimeter of adjoining accommodation areas. The natural ventilation strategy flow is upward through the atrium space, with hot air being exhausted from the atrium through a combination of wind and buoyancy (“Stack Effect”) forces. The atrium is an unheated space, operating as a winter garden.
The perimeter façades were specifically developed to minimise solar gains with a combination of external shading and high performance glazing. Internal heat gains were reduced further through the use of the exposed thermal mass (concrete soffits) and night cooling. Internally, the 500mm wide façade sections were designed to incorporate a concealed convector heater, a manually opening louvre section (with insect mesh) and actuated window/ mixing fan boxes at low, mid and high levels respectively.

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Airflow Simulation
Dynamic Thermal Modelling


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