Elms Village CHP/
District Heating Replacement

Queens University, Belfast

Client: Queen’s University Belfast
Value: £1.5m

Design and installation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution, and replacement of the district heating system, at Elms Village student accommodation for Queen’s University Belfast.
IN2 proposed to install a suitably-sized CHP engine to meet the electrical annual base load as identified in the feasibility study, plus a further 50% for modulation. The additional 50% capacity of the CHP unit will increase the thermal by-product which shall then be used to contribute to the thermal demand of the facility.
A packaged Containerised CHP plantroom with internal foot print 6.6m x 3.5m was fabricated “off-site” to house the CHP equipment. This was then delivered complete to the Elms Village site, and set within the footprint of the existing bulk fuel storage compound. The heat rejection plant was mounted on the roof of the packaged CHP room. The CHP plantroom was designed with an acoustically treated Intake and extract louvres to reduce noise break out. Works included replacing PHEs throughout campus.
The payback period for the CHP installation was calculated at 4.3 years. Annual carbon emissions would be reduced by 740 tonnes (24%). Over a 10 year period, the CHP could generate savings of £2,500,000.
IN2 also conducted a thermographic study of the existing district heating system, identifying 11 no. potential leaks or possible uninsulated sections of pipework throughout the residential complex. This resulted in phased replacement of district heating system.

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