Europe China Trading Hub


Client: ECTH
Architect: HJ Lyons
Value: Confidential

The development of a China Trading hub for Chinese business looking for markets in Europe, America and Northern Africa. The development consists of 9 number Mega Halls, Exhibitions halls, town area and further phases to include 5 star hotels and entertainment centres.
IN2 were responsible for the initial concept plans for all Phase 1 buildings and the development of the Energy Centre to provide for all future phases, including all utilities and infrastructure. IN2 carried out environmental analysis on the site as a whole including wind analysis, shading analysis and daylight analysis.
IN2 carried out internal analysis on the proposed buildings to confirm daylight potential, natural ventilation strategies and comfort analysis.
The natural ventilation strategy design involved underground ducts to allow the incoming air to be passively cooled before entering the space.

Specialist Expertise

Airflow Simulation
Dynamic Thermal Modelling


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