Boilerhouse Resilience

Royal Group of Hospitals, Belfast

Client: Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
Value: £9.8m

The existing Central Boilerhouse serving the entire Royal Group of Hospitals complex had exceeded its usable life expectancy and was due for replacement.
The redevelopment of the Boilerhouse took place in 3 No. distinct phases. IN2’s phased design took account of contingency arrangements for the Trust’s critical-care buildings. Each phase was self-contained and modular in its design approach. The “energy security” and back-up requirements of the RGH Site was maintained throughout each phase.
The new energy centre incorporated exhaust-gas, dual-fuel steam boilers which use the exhaust gases from the CHP units to raise steam. Electricity was generated on site by gas-fired reciprocating engine CHP units selected to meet the electrical and thermal base loads of the RVH Site. The hospital’s existing steam infrastructure was maintained (and replaced where required).

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