In these unprecedented times, we all contemplate how the office work life will change to facilitate a safe working environment for its users.

At IN2 we have been working with various clients, researching how our workplaces must adapt to promote the safety and comfort of its staff and visitors. Our experienced engineers have developed innovative workplace solutions in compliance with both the Irish government’s legislation (COVID-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers) and the UK government’s COVID-19 Secure Guidance to provide our clients with quality office design.

Our Approach

The IN2 Covid-19 workplace solutions involve working alongside Workplace Planning Teams to develop guidance specifically designed for clients who now need to consider how their workplaces should adapt to take account of the impact of social distancing and enhanced hygiene practices.

Managing the distribution and placing of staff within the building is key to ensure social distance is maintained. At IN2 we propose the introduction of smart technology to assist in the management of staff with workplace platforms such as desk booking systems which use Google Maps Indoors and a simple traffic light system to indicate which desks are available and allows for the booking of desks or meeting rooms. Smart workplace platforms can track and manage desk occupancy without monitoring office users, as such ensuring strict compliance with GDPR requirements.

This software solution provides the following functionality to assist with managing staff flow during the pandemic:

  • The layout of available desks can be set to maintain social distancing
  • Limits can be set on the number of staff within any area of the building
  • Staff can check availability from home
  • Delays can be set to meeting rooms etc to ensure a minimum period of time is allowed between uses for fresh air replenishment
  • Building access can be conditioned on a booked desk or meeting room

Services & Technology

The immediate response to workplace re-opening will be to reduce office users in the building at any one time and re-organise workstations and circulation to accommodate social distancing. Additional implications on data and power cabling, lighting and ventilation will need to be considered by clients.

With increasing emphasis on limiting or avoiding ‘touchpoints,’ there is likely to be an even greater tendency towards automated access control at doors and lifts, whether through voice, facial or fob activation. Much of this technology is already widely developed and in use at the higher end of the corporate scale however, moving forward this may now become more standard across mid-level office accommodation.

IN2 is dedicated to providing clients with innovative solutions. If you would like to discuss our approach with us directly contact us at